Nigerian Food Time Table For A Successful Party

As you know, Nigeria is a big country with lots of different ethnic groups and tribes. But do you know that there are special foods made by each of these tribes? The traditional food most Nigerians enjoy is usually eaten during fun and ceremonial occasions such as birthday parties, weddings, burials etc or New Year.

If you are looking for an amazing Nigerian food timetable to throw your parties? Well, the list below is sure going to make your party a success.

Small chops

Small chops are usually eaten with the fingers during a wedding ceremony and usually eaten when everyone is together at the end of the wedding ceremony. The best time to eat small chops is when everyone has finished their meal because this means that all guests have eaten their main course and it will be time for dessert.

The reason why smaller chops are more important than larger ones is that they’re more finger food, which means it’s easier to eat them with one hand while holding something in the other hand like a drink or a cutlery holder, which makes it easier for people who are nervous about eating with their hands or who have special dietary requirements such as people with arthritis or other medical conditions that make eating difficult.


Gbegiri Soup is a soup that is prepared by pounding the beans, fish or meat and other spices into a paste. The paste is then added to water and cooked until soft. The soup is then served with Amala. The name Gbegiri is derived from the Yoruba language.

Gbegiri Soup has been part of many Nigerian ceremonies such as funerals, wedding receptions and other family gatherings. It is a must-have at your party, especially for the Yorubas.

Fried rice

Fried rice is one of the most population food served in our ceremonies in Nigeria. It is eaten on a daily basis by all people irrespective of their race or religion.

This food is made with raw rice which is boiled with onions, garlic, tomatoes and other vegetables. It is then mixed with some meat such as beef or chicken depending on your preference.

This dish can be served hot or cold depending on your preference. The best thing about this dish is that it tastes different every time you eat it because the ingredients used for making it are different every time you make it.

It will always be delicious when you serve this dish to your guests because this food has a very strong aroma that will attract them from far away just like how the smell of fried meat attracts us from miles away.

Jollof rice

Jollof rice is a rice dish and it is one of the most population food served in our ceremonies parties in Nigeria. Jollof rice is a trendy dish because of its simplicity and delicious taste, making it a must-try for all rice lovers. Jollof rice can be made with a variety of ingredients depending on your preferences but we will be sharing this recipe with you guys today which is very easy to make and you can use any meat or vegetable that you prefer.

Pounded Yam

Pounded Yam is one of the most population food served in our ceremonies and parties.

Pounded yam is a staple food that is eaten with every meal in Nigeria. It is a very delicious and nutritious dish that has been considered a healthy food for years now. The pounded yam is rich in calcium, iron, vitamins and protein.

Pounded yam makes a great side dish for any Nigerian party! It’s also very easy to make and can be prepared in a short time period. 

The list of food above is used in almost all Nigerian wedding ceremonies and parties. If you are hosting a Nigerian-themed party or ceremony, the above food list should help you to organise it in a better way.

So let us know which of this food you will like to prepare for your next party?

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