How To Prepare A Nigerian Fried Rice For Your Family

Nigeria fried rice is stapled street food in Nigeria. It is also a meal that most of us Nigerians look forward to eating and having during any celebration or event. The popularity of Nigerian fried rice has made it widely available on the streets of Nigeria and even in other countries across the world. If you’re travelling to any part of Nigeria, it’s a guarantee that you’ll probably find a lot of restaurants serving this delicious food anywhere in the country.

When you offer fried rice on your party menu, you have every chance of impressing your visiting guests. Nigeria fried rice is just one of Africa’s best things that Nigerians eat, along with many other dishes which all make good party food ideas

The Nigeria fried rice is a dish that originated in Nigeria and has remained popular throughout the country.

It is a dish made from rice, vegetables, meat, and spices, and it has become so popular that it has spread across Africa to Ghana and beyond.

It is a staple food for many people in countries like Ethiopia and Kenya, who call it “fried rice” because when they cook it they fry their ingredients before adding them to the pot with the rice.

Rice is the most widely-eaten staple food in Nigeria.

Rice is the most widely-eaten staple food in Nigeria. It is a staple food for about half of the world’s population, and Nigeria is no exception.

Rice was first introduced to Africa in the early 17th century by the Portuguese, who reached the Nigerian coast in 1514. The crop quickly spread across West Africa, becoming a staple food for all classes of people.

It is a staple food, which has become synonymous with the country and is a popular choice of the main course for meals and desserts alike. It is an important part of the Nigerian diet and culture, as well as being a major export.

Rice is prepared in several ways in Nigeria, including boiled rice (usually eaten with stew), jollof rice (a combination of spices, oil and tomato sauce), fried rice (stir-fried with vegetables or meat) and boiled rice with stew or soup

We have different types of rice in Nigeria such as long grain, short grain, and medium grain.

Rice is gotten from the seeds of the cereal grass, Oryza sativa. The different types of rice are determined by the length of their kernels, which is where they get their names: long-grain, short-grain, or medium grain.

Long grain rice is characterized by its long and slender shape. It’s most commonly found in Asian countries, like India and China. The grains are soft and fluffy, which makes them ideal for absorbing sauces and marinades. They’re also perfect for Nigerian fried rice since they don’t stick together as much as other types of rice do when mixed with dressing ingredients.

Short grain rice has been described as having a rounder shape than long-grain varieties because it’s flatter on one side rather than having equal sides. The best way to describe this difference is that long-grain looks like an elongated football while short-grain looks more like a round cake pan! Because these kernels are shorter than their long-grain counterparts, they tend to stick together more easily when cooked—which means you’ll end up with more clumped grains if you’re making something like fried rice (where each individual piece should be separate).


For this recipe, you’ll need 2 cups of cooked rice,

1 cup mixed vegetables (I used carrots, sweet peas, sweet corn and green beans),

1 cup onion diced,

2 scallions,

1 cup beef liver cubed,

1/2 teaspoon thyme,

1 teaspoon curry powder,

1/2 cup chicken stock and 1 stock cube.

Instruction on How to Cook the Nigerian Fried Rice

Notes on Making Nigerian Fried Rice:

If you like your food spicy, add a dash of cayenne pepper.

Don’t overcook your rice before frying it; otherwise, you’ll have sloppy fried rice.

Fried rice is finest when the vegetables are still crisp, so don’t overcook them.

I used a combination of carrots, sweet peas, sweet corn, and green beans. Vegetables such as sweet bell peppers can also be used.

To attain that desired crisp, increase the heat to high during the frying process and stir continually while the rice heats up.

Heat 3 tablespoons of oil in a large skillet over medium-high heat. Add the onion and sauté for 5 minutes or until softened. Add the curry powder, thyme and sauté for about 30 seconds more. Stir in the liver for about 3 minutes or until browned on all sides.

Add the beef stock cube and chicken stock to deglaze the pan then add the carrots, green beans and kidney beans; cook everything together for another 10 minutes or until the vegetables are tender. Add salt to taste if necessary then serve over rice with chopped scallions on top.

I also added some spices but you can use other spices if you want to. I personally think that adding spices to fried rice makes it more delicious.

I added pieces of beef liver to my fried rice, which many people appreciate, but if you don’t want it, you can leave it out and still enjoy the full flavour of the Fried Rice.

Because of their mild flavour, it is advisable to use Chicken or Turkey stock when making this Fried Rice. Avoid using beef stock since it can overshadow the flavour of the fried rice.

The Nigeria fried rice is an easy Nigerian meal to prepare at home

We are known for their love of fried rice and we like to serve it with a number of different meats and vegetables. If you’ve ever had Nigerian fried rice, you know that it’s delicious—and if you haven’t had the chance to try it yet, here’s a great opportunity!

The recipe is simple: all you need is rice, tomatoes, onions, and some spices. To make it even easier for you.

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